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Antonio Marín


International Business
for more than 30 years.
Real Golf freak

John Carr


International Business
for more than 30 years.
Real Golf freak

Javier Moreno


Expert in Marketing and Innovation in Top Companies

Victor Ruiz


More than 30 years in
gaming, more than 5 years in VR

Almudena Marín


Marketing and Purchasing 
executive for 30 years in Utilities and Banking

Juan Corrales

Head of Strategy and Communications

Entrepreneur, brand, audio 
and digital expert and another golf freak

After many years of golf addiction, some of the co-founders of AAA Game Studios were introduced to the world of VR in 2017. They immediately saw the potential of VR in Golf as golfers and golf fans.

The journey began by exploring the potential of exploiting VR technology as golf fans, but it soon became apparent that VR was the perfect vehicle to unite the complexities of the Golf swing with the Virtual World. 

Our developers took golf lessons to learn the dynamics of the swing, then created a patented swing algorithm, Golf 5 . Using it they created a free game, WIPP (Wood, Iron, Pitch and Putt), that is fun, innovative and challenging. This game, which was released as MVP, is constantly evolving and is currently available, in revenue, on the Oculus Go platform. 

As our understanding and experience of the world of Virtual Golf grew, we envisioned the creation of an Inmersive and Genuine World of Golf in VR. Then we began to develop the first Virtual Golf Club “Golf 5 eClub”. When joining the Golf 5 eClub, a member will be allowed to play in the Club’s golf course, practice at the driving range, go to the putting green, play our classic WIPP mode (Wood, Iron, Pitch and Putt) tournaments or just have fun at the mini-golf course. The member’s success provides him with a handicap and the ability to star on a global leaderboard. The founders of AAA Game Studios believe that Virtual Golf will be part of the great future evolution of the game of Golf and that AAA Game Studios will be a big part of that great future evolution.