Golf 5 Technology

  • Golf 5 Technology

    AAA Games Studios has developed and owns Golf 5™,
    a propietary control VR technology
    that simulates the movement
    and behaviour of golf clubs: drivers,
    fairway woods, irons, wedges and putters.

Golf 5™ analyses every detail
of your golf swing and replicates
it with extreme accuracy.

Just like in real golf, no two golf swings are alike.

The unique performance of Golf 5™ opens up a world of
​possibilities for leaning, training and playing golf. Whether it’s you
against the course or competing
against other players.
Golf 5™ is available with Oculus Go and Oculus Quest

Enjoy the amazing
Golf 5™ VR Leaderboard with:

Information of your progression playing Golf 5


Shots in detail
cameras / replays

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