Golf 5 Home Putting Green Game

  • Golf 5 Home Putting Green Game

    A new way to learn, play and practice the art of Putting.

Select different surfaces,
distances and, by physically
lowering your head, be able
to learn and perfect reading

Most importantly, with Golf 5 Putting Green you will improve your putting skills not only in VR but also in real life. Head out to your local Golf Club after practicing at home with Golf 5 Putting Green and check out the results.

Best of all: play online with your friends and talk to them while putting! There’s nothing like it in VR golf. Golf 5™ Home Putting Green combines VR control golf technology with VR Oculus Quest headset.

Precise immersive experiences on the putting green, where you can examine, judge and putt golf balls. Instantly practice your putt at home, in the office or wherever you are.

In the hole! Practice and improve your putt in record time Submerge yourself into a very realistic VR experience complete with advertising boards just like on a real course.

The current version of the game includes two practice modes.

• The first mode is fast and intense, and allows you to practice and take on the most statistically challenging distances (3, 9 and 12 ft.) that players face on a course. Master these distances and see your handicap decrease.

• The second mode is relaxed and easy-going, and allows you to select a series of holes (4, 12 or 18) so you can practice at your own speed.


Coming soon on Oculus Quest

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